Mavericks-Blue Baseball, Grades 2-8th

Boys Boys,  2nd - 8th grades
League Wisconsin State Baseball League (www.wsybl.com)
Competitive Level Competitive
Season 3/1 - 7/31
Games 18 - 20
Tournaments 5 or 6
Age Cutoff Grade enrolled in when baseball season starts
Fee $300 + Uniform (some fundraising maybe required)
Residency Arrowhead Only

Merton Select Baseball Programs 
  • Merton select baseball programs are organized by the Merton Athletic Association for baseball players in 2nd through 7th grades in the greater Merton and Arrowhead communities. The purpose of these programs is to provide more opportunities to area youth baseball players who want to learn and play more baseball and compete at a higher level than what area recreational leagues provide.
  • The program focus is on developing baseball skills. Each age level will have an age appropriate baseball skill and strategy outline that will be covered during the season. Team focus will be on improving baseball skills, participating positively in a team environment, encouraging sportsmanship, and promoting overall enjoyment of the game.
  • All players, coaches, and parents are expected to sign a Code of Conduct Agreement prior to participation in the program and are expected to conduct themselves with the highest levels of professionalism and sportsmanship.
  • Participants must prioritize baseball over participation in other sports from April 1 to July 31. Participation will average 3 to 4 days per week. Winter workouts may be organized in February and March. Attendance at winter workouts is encouraged, but optional. Practices and games after April 1 are considered mandatory and stronger participation (not missing practices/games) will be given playing time priority.
  • Players may only play in an older group (play up) if it means staying with kids in their same grade. Any other players seeking to play up in an older age group must clearly demonstrate the maturity and skill level required for the higher level and be approved by the Program Director before tryouts.
  • Playing time and positions will be determined by the Head Coach on a merit basis. Playing time is not equal, but minimum playing time requirements exist at each age level. Head coaches are committed to developing the baseball skills of each player who make the team and include all players who make the team in a healthy team environment.

Evaluation and Selection Process

  • All new players must attend at least two evaluation sessions.  All returning players who were on a Mavericks- Blue and Mavericks -Red roster during the previous season need only attend 1 session.
  • An assessment panel of 4 (Head Coach and three non-interested adults) will conduct skill assessment stations for all players and stack rank each player (new and returning) based on total number of skill points from all stations. evaluation data will be confidential.
  • Based on the total number of players at each age group, the final number of Mavericks teams per age group will be determined.  MAA will field as many teams as possible as long as the Evaluation Panel feels the team can be competitive in the league in which they play.
  • Additional Head Coaches will then be chosen for any additional teams so that every team has a quality Head Coach. Assistant Coaches will only be added after teams are formed from among parents of selected players.
  • Parents of players will be contacted by Head Coaches in descending order and offered roster positions. Boys’ players may choose either the Mavericks - Blue or Mavericks - Red format (if available) until the first Mavericks team is full with 11-13 players.
  • To facilitate and expedite team formation process, parents must accept or decline a roster position within 24 hours of it being offered. To accept and reserve a roster position, a parent must pay the non-refundable program fee online at www.mertonathletics.com within 24 hours. Program fees are only refundable for hardships such as moving from the community or injury. All refunds must be approved by the MAA Board.
  • We will also begin filling Bronco’s teams in August with Head Coaches and players. All players going through the August evaluation will be offered a roster spot on a team

Mavericks - Blue

  • The Merton Mavericks - Blue program is organized for the 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade.
  • Mavericks teams will compete in the Wisconsin State Youth Baseball League. More information about this league can be found at www.wsybl.com.
  • Players will play for the grade they are in at the start of the baseball season.  Teams will play 16–22 games in a Regional Select League against teams from other communities.
  • In addition, each team will play in 5-6 weekend tournaments. Tournaments can be all over Central and Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois and further depending on the coach and families desires to play away.
  • Total game schedule will be 35+ games.
  • Participants in the Merton Mavericks program must live in the Arrowhead school district and must be selected through the Mavericks Tryout process.
  • The league will require report cards to document grade.  Coaches will require both report cards for the league tournaments and  birth certificates to be on file for other tournaments the team may play in.


Rules of Play

Rosters, Schedules, Standings

  • Team rosters, schedules, game results, current standings, and addresses of opposing team fields can be found at www.wsybl.com.


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