M.A.A. History

The Merton Athletic Association is a volunteer-based 501c3 non-profit organization whose purpose is to offer athletic activities for residents of Merton and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to introduce and expand knowledge of sports and to develop appropriate-level skills and sportsmanship in a safe and fun environment. Through athletics a child can develop focus, learn discipline, build determination, and understand the 'team' concept. A child with strong self-esteem is a child on track to success.

The Merton Athletic Association was started more than 35 years ago and was originally established with adults in mind. It started with adult baseball and later adult softball was added with games being played at Fireman's Park.

Although M.A.A. continues to offer programs for adults, our focus has shifted over the years. Now the majority of our programs are targeted toward the children in our community using area schools and playgrounds as game sites.

Monthly Board Meetings
Monthly board meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month at the Merton Intermediate School. Contact the M.A.A. President for the specific room and time or to be put on the agenda.

Board of Directors

Officers Directors

Mike Boerst 

(Ponies Director)(AMSAC basketball director)(Fillies Fastpitch League Director/Grounds)



Vice President

Andy Welnetz

(Red, White and Brew Committee, Rec Basketball, and Sponsorship)

John Harlos

(Rec Baseball Director - Broncos)

Brian Ripplinger 

(First Aid Director, Baseball equipment)



Joelle Liethen
(Volunteer Coordinator)

Jason Heiman
(Sponsorship Director, Rec Basketball director)

Treasurer Scott Schulenburg

James Koeppen 

(Umpire Director, Soccer Director)

Marty Laur

(Mavericks Director)

Tanya Weltzin

(Yoga Director, Concessions Director)

Activities Director Leslie Carpenter  

The current Merton Athletic Association board would like to thank all former members of the board. The countless hours spent diligently managing and improving M.A.A. sports programs have been (and still are!) appreciated by past and present Merton-area kids and their families.

Heidi Blatnik 7+ years* Jon Wallgren 3+ years Ken Nyhouse 7+ years
Krista Morrisey 3+ years* Tina Schultz 3+ years Troy Fritz 3+ years
Russ Hauser 3+ years Bob Zanotti 3+ years  Dan Plese 3+ years
Chris Tanke 3+ years Lori Steinhauer 3+ years Becky Kopka 3+ years
Jeff Thiel 3+ years Matt McQuestion 3+ years Chris Cummings 3+ years
Jim Glynn 3+ years  Pat Koerber 3+ years Heidi Miller 3+ years*
Debbie Esser 3+ years Larry Gilmore 3+ years Ronda Paszek 3+ years
Peter Smith 7 years Tom Berenz 3+ years Traci Ellis 1-3 years
Jeff Zirgibel 7 years Larry Gundrum 7 years Janine Wallgren 3 years

Brian Herbst 7 years

Jennifer Carter 2+ years  Mike Crawley 5+ years

Lisa Lamack 3 years

John Hazod 7 years Jay Shallue 3 Years

Barb Boettcher 3+ years

Scott Kleinhans 3+ years Steve Adair 7+ years

* indicates additional years as Activities Director

Contact Us:

PO Box 734

Merton WI 53056