AMSAC Basketball (Traveling Teams)

AMSAC (Arrowhead Middle School Athletic Conference) - Merton Students in 5th  & 6th grades will play with their classmates. They will travel to and play against other area schools (Stone Bank, Erin, Friess Lake, Richmond, Swallow, Lake Country, and North Lake). Games are played at the Merton Intermediate School as well as the schools stated above.Games are played at 4:30, 5:30 or 6:30pm. Game days are scheduled by the AMSAC board. The teams generally practice 1-2 nights per week with games up to 2 additional nights per week. They will also play in the AMSAC tournament at the end of the season. Although this program is a bit more competitive and time-consuming, it is not a select team. All players who register will be placed on a team and talent will be split equally among teams. AMSAC basketball can be played in conjunction to ABC basketball.

The girls' league starts the week of September 30,  ending with a tournament in early December.

The boys' league starts the week of January 2,  ending with a tournament in early March. 

Driving Directions to other AMSAC schools

AMSAC Basketball bylaws


Boys/Girls Grade Program Fee
Girls (Fall) 5 & 6 $85
Boys (Winter ) 5 & 6 $85