Programs, Fees & Volunteer Information

Spring/Summer Programs
Co-ed T-Ball -

Grades 4k-5k

Boys Baseball -

   Machine/Coach Pitch - Grades 1-2

   Broncos (Land O' Hills League) - Grades 3-4, 5-6, 7-8

Girls Softball -

   Ponies Fastpitch - Grades 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8

Fall Programs

AMSAC Girls Travel Basketball

5th Grade Girls

6th Grade Girls

Boys Rec Basketball

5-6th Grade

7-8th Grade

Girls Rec Basketball

3-4th Grade

Co-ed Rec Basketball

1-2nd Grade

Co-ed Adult Volleyball 


Winter Programs:

AMSAC Boys Basketball -

5th Grade

6th Grade

Boys Rec Basketball

3-4th Grade

Girls Rec Basketball -

5-6th Grade

7-8th Grade

Co-ed Indoor Soccer

5k -1, 2 - 3, & 4 -5- 6

Program Fees

Recreational Basketball ($70)

AMSAC Basketball ($85)

Indoor Soccer ($65)

Dance / Tumbling / Sports Shorts($65)

Adult Volleyball ($35)


Co-ed T-Ball - Grades: 4k, 5k ($90)

Boys Machine Pitch - Grades: 1-2 ($95)

Boys Land O' Hills Little League -         

Grades: 3 & 4 ($130)

Grades: 5 & 6 ($130)         

Grades: 7 & 8 ($130)    

Girls 1-2nd Grade Ponies ($95)

Girls 3-4th Grade Ponies ($130)     

Girls 5-6th Grade Ponies ($130)    

Girls 7-8th Grade Ponies ($130)
* Please note a $40 Late Fee will be applied to the program fee after the Registration Deadline listed during registration

Volunteer Fees:

Volunteer Fees are $100 per participant per season. Volunteer fees are required prior to participation. Volunteer checks will be collected before the season begins. Uniforms will be handed out once the check is received. The checks will be shredded at the end of the season once families have fulfilled their required volunteer duties. All families should be prepared to sign up for volunteer duties for each child involved in the M.A.A. program.

 Note: Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Managers don't need to sign up for volunteer additional time for the child they are coaching or manager for. However, the $100 Volunteer Fee is still required. 

Thank you to all players, coaches, managers, directors and parents for helping make this program available to the kids in Merton and surrounding communities. These programs could not (and would not!) exist without you!  If you have any suggestions for the future, please contact the M.A.A. Activities Director .